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I thought ER-XXX was in stock.  What is this lead time?
I open orders when I have all of the necessary parts and materials to create a finished product. When an order comes in, the production process begins according to the specifications of the customer. The time between confirmation of the order and the shipping date is called the lead time. The lead time depends on how many orders are already in the production/shipping queue when your order arrives.  If the lead time is too long for your comfort then please check back in another month or so.  The lead time might have shortened by then.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes. You may cancel your order for a full refund at any time up until I send you your tracking number.  You may still cancel your order after shipment but you must return the box (unopened) to me.  Once I have received the returned product and confirmed that it was not opened/used, then I will process your refund.

Which panel should I choose?
The one that you suits your taste!  They are all beautiful and made with the same attention to quality.  There are reports that Nostalgia and People's Choice are easier to see in low light conditions, while Original Flavor excels in well-lit environments.  Read what other users have to say about what panel they chose and why.

I am going to be in Japan, can I pick up a module in person?
I work from my home and out of respect for the privacy of my family, I do not allow pick-ups.  I ask for your understanding in this matter.  However, if you pay via bank transfer (USD or JPY) then I can arrange to have your module(s) shipped to any address you specify (including a hotel).  PayPal would also work except you have to keep in mind that PayPal requires that I send only to the shipping address that you have registered with PayPal.  So typically this is not an option when you are traveling.


What service do you use for shipping?
We ship our products outside of Japan using traceable EMS with full insurance.  EMS shipments are handled by your country's post office once they enter your country. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a mail within 48 hours of confirming your order and let you know the exact shipping date.  The same day that we ship your unit, we will send you another email with your tracking number. At this point our shipping policy becomes effective:

Orthogonal Devices is not responsible for loss or non-delivery of a shipment after it has been sent from the post office in Japan. However, we will ship a replacement in the case of confirmed loss by the postal service. However, in the event of non-delivery due to failure to accept shipment, we will reship the order after it has been returned to us (which could take up to 3 months). In this case, the cost of re-shipping must be borne by the customer. 

In the event of damage to a shipment, please contact us immediately and we will attempt to rectify the situation to the best of our ability. Photographic evidence is required, and must be submitted to us via email within 7 days of arrival. Please take photographs immediately upon arrival if you believe something is wrong with the shipment. 

In general, all sales on this website are final. However, we may accept returns and/or refunds on a case by case basis if your package has arrived damaged or defective in some way. Please be sure to take photographic evidence and contact us immediately. 

Please note that customs regulations vary from country to country and officials in various countries may inspect your shipment, including intrusive inspection (opening of your package). We are unable to mark items as “gifts” or lower the declared value as this is both illegal and has no bearing on whether a package is or is not inspected. You are responsible for any import taxes or other duties that may be charged by the customs and postal services of your country. 

How much tax/duty do I have to pay?
Here are some estimates of the taxes that you can expect to pay on your imported products.  This information is provided as-is and is not guaranteed to be correct.  
United States and Territories: Duty Tax of 0-3% plus Use Tax (depends on your state of residence, usually zero)
European Union: Duty Tax of 0-3% plus VAT 20% - 25%


I have a question.  How do I get an answer?
If at all possible I would prefer that you ask your question on our excellent forum at forum.orthogonaldevices.com.  If you prefer the privacy of email then you may use this contact form to send me a message or PM me on the forum.  I try to prioritize communications in the following order:
  1. A customer has a question about their order/shipment.
  2. A customer has a hardware problem with their module.
  3. A customer has a software problem (bug) with their module.
  4. Everything else (including sales inquiries)
In other words, support gets top priority over sales and general inquiries.  In general, the time to get a response is a day or two and will generally be shorter on the forum (^_-)y.