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ER-102: Sequencer Controller
for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

The ER-102 Sequencer Controller is an expander for the ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer.  

It adds the following features to the ER-101:
- up to 99 parts (each with its own reset step and looped section) per snapshot
- part selection/activation is under CV/gate control
- various part transition behaviors
- up to 16 groups of steps per snapshot
- perform operations on groups of steps
- assign steps to groups with Euclidean masks
- route 3 channels of CV/gate modulation to steps via groups
- new invert and rotate operations
- step record (a.k.a. remote control)
- real-time record with pass-thru during rehearsing and recording
- alter record (a.k.a. real-time overdub)
- essentially infinite storage via uSD card
- firmware upgradeable via uSD card
- and much more!

Most Recent Documentation
Brochure: View Download
User Manual (v2.04+)View Download
(If you find any typos, errors, or poor wording in my manuals please let me know.)

Most Recent Firmware 
- Download and Release Notes are here.
- Make sure you upgrade your ER-101 to at least v2.02.
- The upgrade procedure for the ER-102 is described in the last section of the User Manual.

Extra Scales
Download and place in the TABLES directory of your ER-102's SD card: Download

Scripts and header files:
- A python script for converting a voltage table in CSV format to the binary format that the ER-102 requires:
- An example python script that creates a just intonation table by combining ratios generated from a set of (prime) integers:
- A C header file to parse the ER-102's binary snapshot (v2.00): er-102.h

Width: 14hp 
Depth: 35mm from the back of the faceplate including the ribbon cable
Current Consumption: max 80mA from +12V only
Digital Inputs: x7 (threshold=2V)
Analog Inputs: x8 (-10V to +10V, 14-bit sampled at 7kHz)

Demo Videos

User Videos