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Book of Work (closed)

This page is closed and no longer updated.  To make feature requests or bug reports please post over on the forum.

A list of bugs and feature requests for the ER-101 firmware and expander. If there is anything that you think is broken or a feature that you would like to see included in the next release, then please do not hesitate to tell me.

Status Legend
Pending - The item has been added to the list but no decision have been made concerning its future.
Accepted - The item has been approved and will be resolved before the target is released.
Rejected - It was decided that this item for whatever reason will not be included in the targeted release.
Resolved - The item is finished and appears in the targeted release.

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Applies toDescriptionTypeStatusTargeted ForLast Updated
v1.11 Added support for RESET signal that comes slightly after (<1ms) after a clock pulse but should still be interpreted as simultaneous with the clock pulse. This is necessary for syncing with other sequencers. Minor Bug Resolved v1.12 July 23, 2014 
v1.10 Zero-sum jitter transform for randomizing step durations without changing the overall length of a pattern. Feature Request Pending undecided June 30, 2014 
v1.10 Muting steps, patterns and tracks. Feature Request Pending undecided June 20, 2014 
v1.10 Allow backwards play when loop start is after loop end Feature Request Pending v1.12 June 19, 2014 
v1.10 Gate retriggers momentarily for DURATION=GATE case. Feature Request Resolved v2.02 December 22, 2015 
v1.09 Multiply the clock input to allow for use of slow clocks. Feature Request Resolved v1.10 April 17, 2014 
v1.09 Operations on CV-A and CV-B via the MATH button are ignored if SMOOTH is enabled for that step. Minor Bug Resolved v1.09p3 March 27, 2014 
v1.09 On startup, load snapshot #1. This way you can treat snapshot #1 as a template. Feature Request Resolved v1.09p2 March 17, 2014 
v1.09 Have all GATE outputs go low on a RESET without waiting for the CLOCK. Feature Request Resolved v1.09p1 February 28, 2014 
v1.09 Each track gets its own transform (via the MATH button). Feature Request Resolved v1.10 February 19, 2014 
v1.09 Trigger vs Gate mode. Feature Request Resolved v1.10 January 22, 2014 
v1.09 Display note value. (e.g. Bb3 -> 3A.50) Feature Request Resolved v1.10 January 22, 2014 
v1.08 The ER-101 might freeze when you set LOOP points in a sequence with all steps having zero DURATION. Minor Bug Resolved v1.09 December 22, 2013 
v1.08 On some power supplies the ER-101 might leak a 366Hz tone on the power rails. The reason: The PWM frequency for the orange LEDs was mistakenly set to audio range (366Hz), below the cutoff frequency of the ER-101's power filter. The fix: The PWM frequency is now set to 200kHz well above the cutoff frequency on the power filter for the ER-101. Major Bug Resolved v1.09 December 17, 2013 
v1.08 Ratcheting transform Feature Request Resolved v1.09 December 17, 2013 
v1.08 tit-for-tat feature: hold DURATION focus while turning RIGHT knob to transfer clock pulses between current step and the next step Feature Request Resolved v1.09 December 17, 2013 
v1.07 Turning on smooth for a single step's CV-B causes the output voltage to increase for that step. Major Bug Resolved v1.08 November 11, 2013 
v1.06 Copying a sequence ends with the first empty pattern encountered when it should copy the empty pattern and continue. Minor Bug Resolved v1.07 October 30, 2013 
v1.06 Hold down the COPY button and turn the LEFT knob to copy a range of steps or patterns to the clipboard. Feature Request Resolved v1.07 October 29, 2013 
v1.06 If a loop start or end step is deleted the the loop point might appear randomly again when inserting a new step. Minor Bug Resolved v1.07 October 29, 2013 
v1.06 Time quantization of RESET and COMMIT button pushes to next STEP or next PATTERN or next TRACK LOOP. Just hold down the STEP, PATTERN, or TRACK button when pressing either RESET or COMMIT. Feature Request Resolved v1.07 October 29, 2013 
v1.06 Pressing DELETE while in MATH mode clears the current transformation. Feature Request Resolved v1.07 October 29, 2013 
v1.06 Add confirmation to SAVE snapshot button. Feature Request Resolved v1.07 October 29, 2013 
v1.06 Keep the focus track when loading a snapshot rather than setting it back to track #1. Feature Request Resolved v1.07 October 29, 2013 
v1.04 Action steps: insert special steps into a sequence that alter the ER-101's behavior (such as skip ahead, skip back, increment parameter, random, reset, etc.) Feature Request Pending Undecided October 18, 2013 
v1.04 Hold down LOOP START or END button and use the LEFT knob to move a loop boundary sequentially by steps or patterns. Feature Request Pending Undecided October 17, 2013 
v1.06 Inserting a step of duration zero in the middle of a sequence and then setting start and end loop points to that step causes the ER-101 to go into an infinite loop. Major Bug Accepted Undecided October 15, 2013 
v1.05 Even though the max number of patterns was increased to 400, only 255 could be used due to the use of a byte to address into the pattern memory pool. With this bug fix now the full 400 patterns are addressable and the max # of steps is increased to 2000. Minor Bug Resolved v1.06 October 4, 2013 
v1.04 Sometimes the COPY (and a few others) button will stop responding. Minor Bug Resolved v1.06 October 2, 2013 
v1.04 Extend the reference tables with a user editable section. Feature Request Resolved v1.10 September 26, 2013 
 Change voltage tables for each pattern. Possibly sequence voltage tables using an extra track. Feature Request Pending Undecided September 26, 2013 
v1.04 Hold down the COPY button to select a range of patterns or steps for copying to the clipboard. Feature Request Resolved v1.08 September 26, 2013 
v1.04 When copying tracks the user voltage tables are not being copied. Minor Bug Resolved v1.05 September 19, 2013 
v1.04 Should TILT when trying to change step parameters in follow mode and unpaused. Minor Bug Resolved v1.05 September 16, 2013 
v1.04 Loop points are not copied when copying a track. Minor Bug Resolved v1.05 September 16, 2013 
v1.04 Copying and inserting steps on the edit cursor while a sequence is playing sometimes results in incorrect step display values for the play cursor. Minor Bug Resolved v1.05 September 19, 2013 
 Retrigger gates when scrubbing the play cursor in follow mode. Feature Request Pending Undecided September 19, 2013 
 Add a global track for sequencing the of various global behaviors such as the loading of snapshots. Feature Request Pending Undecided September 15, 2013 
 CV control of play cursor (i.e. enables using the ER-101 as a voltage quantizer). Feature Request Pending Expander September 15, 2013 
 Additional clock and reset inputs for each track. Feature Request Pending Expander September 15, 2013 
 Gated CV control of step parameters. Feature Request Pending Expander September 15, 2013 
 Ability to replace steps and patterns with material on the clipboard. Currently only inserting is supported. Feature Request Pending Undecided September 15, 2013 
v1.04 When copying patterns, if pattern memory is exhausted, new pattern creation will fail but the steps will still be copied into the current focused pattern. Steps should not be copied. Minor Bug Resolved v1.05 September 19, 2013 
 Clocking tracks: each track will gets its incoming clock from its own sequence-able clock track. Feature Request Pending Undecided September 15, 2013 
v1.04 Increase Max Patterns from 200 to 400 and decrease Max Steps from 2000 to 1841. Memory footprint is about the same size but it is impossible to run out of patterns this way. Feature Request Resolved v1.05 September 19, 2013 
v1.04 SMOOTH flags are not copied when using COPY and INSERT buttons. Major Bug Resolved v1.05 September 19, 2013 
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